Food Safety

Our employees receive extensive, continuous training on our food safety requirements and operating procedures. We use an advanced third-party laboratory along with a professional quality assurance staff led by a Ph.D. in Microbiology.


 Microbiology Laboratory methodology

  • AFG utilizes an accurate DNA-based method that allows testing for multiple pathogen targets with minimal hands-on and processing time. This provides a comprehensive analysis of samples, more precise results, and extreme reliability for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms.


 Ensuring Food Safety

  • Cutting edge process control, and monitoring programs

  • Comprehensive, science- and risk-based approach to food safety in our systems

  • Utilization of validated process interventions to include thermal pasteurization and organic acid rinses

Each year, the North American Meat Institute recognizes companies’ dedication to continuous improvement of their safety performance through the sound safety and health programs at the plant level and to recognize those plants that have achieved a high level of safety performance. We are proud to share that several American Food Group plant locations have been recognized.

Award of Honor:
Gibbon Packing

Award of Merit:
Long Prairie Packing


Award of Commendation:
Cimpl’s Packing
Green Bay Dressed Beef, East River Plant

Certificate of Recognition:
Skylark Meats

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